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Update on ‘Sharks and rays back into the North Sea!’

A major milestone for this project! 


To this month, 350+ thornback rays have hatched in the breeding center ( and around 100 of them have grown enough to be brought to the oyster pits in Yerseke. 

There has been a DNA analysis to compare the genetic profile with the remaining wild stocks (check!) and a habitat analysis (check!) and all permits are in place (check, check, check!). 

After a temporary stay to get used to the natural waters of the Eastern Schelde and live food, the first rays will be released into the wild on October 14th! 
We are looking forward to this event, and so are the media. There will be a number of television and radio stations, and our own staff photographer Peter Verhoog ( will be present to take pictures for the press.

We’ll keep you posted!


More on this project: 

Sharks and Rays Back into the North Sea!



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