Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Want to know about sharks? Ask for a presentation!

There are many misconceptions about shark: they have a bad reputation, and sometimes negative media attention makes it even worse. Sharks are essential predators in our oceans, and without sharks, fish populations will decline. The Dutch Shark Society makes sharks and the essential shark research wordwide visible to a wide audience,

One of the ways we other ways we have to change the bad image that sharks have, is by giving presentations at schools and dive clubs. Do you want to us to tell you more about sharks? Book us!

We have had our first school presentation last month, and we have scheduled ten more for the fourth quarter of this year!

We cannot offer you a lagoon full of sharks, but we do offer a biological presentation, followed by interesting and exciting videos and a slide presentation about sharks of the world!

As we are stationed in the Netherlands, we offer presentations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Getting to know sharks!
(picture Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society)






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