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What did we do in 2013??

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After working abroad we returned to the Netherlands, and discovered that the number of Dutch Sharks is increasing. And so are the ‘shark myths’: media reported about the fact southern Dutch shores are ‘flooded by large sharks’. There is hardly any shark education in our country. Though there are more smooth-hounds in the Dutch Delta Works, several other shark and ray species are endangered or near extinction. A wide audience is not aware of the key role sharks and rays have in our oceans, globally or locally. It was time for a real Dutch initiative!

After we founded the Dutch Shark Society, we had of course to fulfilled all legal and formal conditions. And we are happy to say, that we are now a registered Charity in the Netherlands! That means, that all donations are deductable.

The Dutch Shark Society wants to be an active intermediate partner between science and people, by supporting and visualizing research in the Netherlands and abroad, and developing media initiatives through photography and film. As a non-profit organisation and NGO, our objective is collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutes, but also with the dive industry, industrial fisheries and recreational anglers.

We feel we have to share some hightlights with our acquaintances, friends and network!


Read about our activities in the Newsletter:

We look forward to 2014, and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Peter Verhoog
Georgina Wiersma


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